New Old Website!

Somehow I managed, back in early 2018, to fail to update my credit card information with Google, and in response we lost the site. It was then claimed by a Chinese company who for reasons unknown decided it would be a really great URL for an unrelated sports gambling website. In the event you’re really into handing your bank account info to dubious entities, you can check them out on the Wayback Machine. Maybe don’t do that, though.

There it languished for the last year and change. It turns out, when a domain is allowed to expire, there’s a 65 day window the previous owner has to reclaim it, after which is silently returns to availability as an open domain. It took some convincing to get Google to explain that to me, as their customer support seems much more interested in letting you know how bad you were and that you should feel bad (also, “we told you so”).

So I guess we should do something with this now maybe.